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What happens after my pool fencing is completed?


Step 1 – Certification

Please contact the Office and we will arrange for our Certifier to inspect the pool fencing. We will be advised by the certifier whether the pool fencing has passed. 


Step 2 – Booking Pebble Interior

Once the pool has passed certification, the Pebble Interior will be booked and you will be notified on what date the Pebble Interior will be done. 


Step 3 – Application of Pebble Interior

The placement of the Pebble Interior normally takes approximately 3 Hours. Any boxes left on site (lights, fittings etc.) should be left near the pool for easy access by Contractors.


Step 4 – Acid Wash & Filling The Pool

Generally the following day the Acid Wash will take place. At this stage you will need to leave a garden hose out, so the Acid Wash Technician can begin to fill your swimming pool.


Always fill the pool from the deep end and in one continual action through to the TOP OF THE SKIMMER BOX with NO PEBBLE SHOWING as this avoids water tidal marks.Do not be concerned about the colour of the water, as it is nearly always GREEN initially.


Step 5 – Swimming Pool Handover

A time will be arranged with you to conduct the Swimming Pool Handover. This usually takes around 90 minutes, and will involve a comprehensive Equipment demonstration. The pump, chlorinators, pool cleaners, remote controls etc. will be commissioned at this stage.

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