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Your equipment warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the product. Here is a list of our equipment partners below. Please read each step carefully beacuse if a warrany service visit is made and the problem is not what is stated, a service fee may be charged. 


Step 1. Tax Invoice

Please have your Factory Pools Tax Invoice with you for reference and check the warrany period noted next to individual equipment. If your equipment is not under warranty you may call a local pool equipment technician of your choice or if a new unit is required, call our sales department for a price.


Step 2. Troubleshooting

50% of warranty enquiries only require troubleshooting to fix to problem which will avoid a service visit charge. Visit the pool equipment page selection and find the equipment you are having problems with and read the troubleshooting section. If none of these apply or the problem persists, go to step 3.


Step 3. Warrany Claim

Only after steps 1 & 2 have been completed please click on your equipment to fill out a warranty claim to send to the manufacturer. If your claim is valid the Service Department of each manufacturer will call you directly to arrange a Service Visit or to advise the recommended repairer to take the equipment to if the warranty is past the infield time period. 

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