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Hayward TigerShark® QC 

(3 Year Limited Warranty as a Totally Hayward Dealer)


Product Description


Save up to 94% on energy costs with TigerShark Robotic Cleaners. Our energy-efficient TigerShark uses less energy vs most pressure cleaners and has been selling worldwide for 40 years. Its efficient cleaning pattern covers the entire pool – including the bottom and sides, all the way to the tile line.


Easy to use and operate, all you do is take it out of the box, plug it in and you're ready to go—no additional tools required. It's even equipped with a convenient shut-off function, automatically powering down at the end of its three-hour cleaning cycle. Utilizing its on-board smart computer, it calculates the size of your pool for a programmed energy efficient cleaning pattern for a spotless clean pool…every time.


This advanced portable cleaner brushes and scrubs while it vacuums reaching everywhere in your pool including the bottom, sides and steps. It also features an easy to clean reinforced cartridge element, which means no more bags—yet another eco-friendly attribute. As an additional safety measure, all TigerShark's feature a 24 DC volt, energy efficient motor.




  • Cleaning the filter cartridge after every use maximizes the unit’s performance.

  • If the TigerShark has troubles climbing the pool walls during the middle of the cleaning cycle, clean the filter and resume cleaning. Replace worn brushes (page 9, #12*) to ensure maximum cleaning performance

  • To avoid clogging the TigerShark’s filter elements, be sure all chemical powders are fully dissolved before operating the cleaner.

  • In a pool with usually high calcium content, more frequent cleaning of the filter is recommended.

  • Save the TigerShark original carton for extended storage or shipping requirements should your TigerShark require dealer service (page 13, Fig. j*)

  • The sealed Motor Unit (page 9, #13*) and the Power Supply (page 9, #1*) contain no user-serviceable parts. Opening the Motor Unit will automatically VOID your warranty.

  • Remove items such as thermometer, toys and the like from the pool before operating the unit. Such items can jam the cleaner and cause damage to the unit and/or your pool.


* TigerShark Owners Manual (Download a copy below)





  • Clean the filter. It may be clogged or too heavy from excessive debris.

  • Brushes may be worn. Inspect brushes and replace if worn.



If TigerShark cannot climb pool walls:


  • Clean the filter. It may be clogged.

  • See (page 13, Fig. c*) Clip the high velocity inlet to the bottom lid. This inlet creates extra suction for lifting fine or heavy debris. This part also can be helpful if unit becomes routinely stuck on a raised main drain.



If TigerShark fails to pick up fine or heavy debris:


  • Impeller may be clogged or jammed with debris. Check and clean if necessary following the instructions in the maintenance section (page 10*).



If TigerShark starts working momentarily but then stops working:


  • Brush rollers or drive tracks are stuck. Check for debris and clean if necessary