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Hayward  - PureSilk™ Chlorinator 

Product Description


Professional grade 'Heavy Duty' Puresilk™ CCS salt-chlorine generation eliminates the need for mixing, measuring and messing around with liquid or tablet chlorine. Puresilk™ automatically turns common salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine. For pool and spa water that’s clean, clear and made to feel like pure silk. The key to Puresilk™ chorine generation is the vertical bi-polar electrode revolutionary cell design. The cell's venturi design and internal flow switch allows for continual operation despite the flow and pressure variables of heaters, variable speed pumps, water features, and in-floor cleaning systems.


  • Patented vertical cell and internal by-pass system reduce pressure drop across cell

  • Suitable for both 40mm & 50mm connections

  • Cell housing employs high impact acrylic for greater durability and long life

  • Twin start thread allows for quick and easy electrode removal

  • All Puresilk™ CCS models are rated as 'Heavy Duty'



  • Test salt level before calculating your salt addition requirement. This is important because the pool water may already contain sufficient salt or a percentage of the required concentration.

  • The need or period between cell cleans is determined by the water chemistry and temperature of the water. In areas where the calcium hardness of the water is low, (less than 200ppm), cleaning of the cell may not be necessary. Where calcium levels exceed 200ppm, regular inspection of the cell, is necessary. Cleaning in an acid solution may benecessary.


  • It is a condition of the warranty for the home owner to ensure the cell is inspected and maintained in accordance with the directions in this manual.

  • It is the home owner’s responsibility to ensure all materials in contact with the pool or spa water are compatible with and intended for the application intended.

  • Time clock is in 24hr format. The built in digital clock will not accept an operating time period which travels from PM to AM (Through midnight).eg. Where it is desired to operated the unit from 22:00 to 06:30 follow the following:

    • ON1 set to 22:00OFF1 set to 23:50

      ON2 set to 00:10OFF2 set to 06:30

  • DO NOT USE BROMINE BASED PRODUCTS IN POOL - Use of bromine will void warranty

  • It is the home owner’s responsibility to ensure the water is regularly tested and balanced. Ensure your local pool professional provides advise relating to the frequency of testing and water balance criteria in your area.

  • Where the Calcium hardness of the Pool or Spa water exceeds 200ppm, the water mustbe balanced as per the langlier index on a daily basis to ensure the water is not scale forming. - consult your pool professional.

  • Do not assume the chlorinator is faulty if a chlorine test reveals a low or zero level. Thereare many factors that relate to chlorine demand in the water. Refer to the trouble shooting guide in this manual.

  • Regular manual chlorine super chlorination or shock dosing may be required wherechlorine demand is high. To supplement the chlorine requirement during peak use periods is normal and good practice.

  • Always wear safety goggles and suitable gloves when handling pool chemicals. Where muriatic (Hydrochloric) acid is used, also wear a suitable respirator.Always add acid to water and not water to acid.

  • It is highly recommended to use this product in combination with a Puresilk Chromatalyzer. The Chromatalyzer will automatically test and control the chlorineand pH levels. Ask your pool professional for details on this exciting product.



Display is not illuminated
Possible cause : Chlorinator power supply is not wired into live circuit.
Solution : Wire unit into live circuit.
Possible cause : Chlorinator is switched on via an external time clock.
Solution : No action necessary. Perhaps momentarily over-ride time clock to check
units operation.

Flow fail – OFF scrolls across the display and pump has switched off
Possible cause : The pump protection monitor has been set and has timed out.
Solution : Investigate flow problem by eliminating possible solutions from the Lo Flow – OFF file above. (To reset, push the mode button)
Note : Remember, any filter settings that require the pump to run and where the water is not returned through the cell, eg. backwashing, rinse, waste etc will cause the pump protection monitor to activate if the period exceeds the programmed time out period.
NOTE: If the cell is disconnected for any reason, always remember to disable the pump protection monitor (set to zero) or the pump will continue to switch off after the time out period.

Lo Flow – OFF scrolls across the display
Possible cause : Flow switch paddle is obstructed or damaged.
Solution : Check paddle operation.
Possible cause : Flow sensor is detecting insufficient or no water flow through cell.
Solutions : Check pump is operating and actually pumping water.

  • Are skimmer and pump baskets clean?

  • Are valves in the correct positions?

  • Is the filter restricting the flow? If so, backwash filter.

  • Is the pool full enough?

  • Is the pump sucking air?

  • Is the skimmer weir door obstructing the water flow?

  • Is the inlet to the cell blocked with debris? If so, clean and investigate filter problem.

  • Water is by-passing filtration medium. Is the pump losing prime?

  • Has the solar system just powered up? On start up, the displaced air in the system may switch cell off briefly.

Chlorine output display reads a lower value than that which was set
Possible cause : Salt level is too low for the unit to operate at full power but not low enough for a warning message to scroll across the display.
Solution : Add more salt.
Possible cause : Fluctuations in mains voltage.
Solution : No action required since effect on output is negligible.

No chlorine residual in swimming pool
Possible cause : Chlorinator is not operating sufficient hours per day.
Solution : Check time clock ON/OFF periods and adjust accordingly.
Possible cause : Cell electrode is coated with a mineral or metal coating.
Solution : Clean electrode as described in this manual.
Possible cause : % Chlorine output setting is too low.
Solution : Increase % Chlorine output setting.
Possible cause : Cyanuric acid (Stabilizer) level in pool is insufficient.
Solution : Increase levels as specified.
Possible cause : Heavy usage of pool.
Solution : Use the BOOST function regularly or shock dose pool using an approved oxidizing agent as per the manufacturers instructions.
Activate Auto Demand Mode.