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Davey  - Pumps - PowerMaster Eco 2

The PMECO 2 Speed allows you to choose from ECO Flow for pool filtration and flow for automatic pool cleaning, backwash or high bather load. Small physical footprint to fit those tight and confined spaces.


  • Low Power Usage Low Cost - Comes with 6 Star energy efficiency rating, with super low emissions and even lower power usage.

  • Intelligent - Two speed control for efficient use all year round.

  • Energy and Costs Savings - Great energy savings at less cost.

  • Lower Noise Levels - Quiet noise level of only 60.5db, allowing you to run your pump at any time of day or night.

  • Davey Dependability Built In - Using proven AC motor technology, the PowerMaster® ECO 2 Speed offers dependability you have come to expect from all Davey products.

  • 3 year Guarantee - Peace of mind from an Australian designed and engineered pool pump. (1 year Onsite - 2 years Back to Base)


If the pump runs but there is no water flow or water flow is reduced, the following condition may apply:

  • The filter requires backwashing or it is blocked. Refer to the relevant section in the Filter Manual.

  • The pump is not primed. Re-prime as per instruction in ‘Starting the pump’

  • There are air leaks in the suction piping. Check all piping and eliminate leaks, also check for a loose strainer basket lid. Air bubbles in the water flowing back to the pool would indicate a leak in the suction to the pump allowing air to enter the pipework.

  • A leaking pump shaft seal may also prevent operating. Evidence of this would be water on the ground under the pump.

  • The pump is not able to get water from the pool. Check that the valves to the pump are fully open and that the pool water level is up to the skimmer box.

  • Blockage in the piping or pump. Remove the strainer basket and check for any blockage to the pump impeller entry. Check the skimmer box for blockage.


If the pump does not operate, the following conditions may apply:

  • The power is not connected. For 240 volt only, check the power point by plugging in a portable appliance to ensure power is available. Also check fuses and the main power supply switch

  • Automatic overload is tripped. The pump has an in-built thermal overload which will re-set automatically after the motor has cooled following an overheating period. Determine the cause of the overload tripping and rectify. Re-set the pump by switching the power OFF for 30 seconds.

  • Blockage is preventing the pump from rotating.

  • Motor is burnt out - burning smell is evident. Replacement is required.
    If you are unable to resolve any installation or operation difficulties with your PowerMaster®, contact the supplier from whom the pump was purchased or your nearest Authorised Davey Pool Equipment Service Centre. If any further assistance is required, contact the Davey Customer Service Centre at the address indicated in this manual. 


To operate an automatic pool cleaner with your PowerMasters ECO-2 Speed pump:


  1. Activate the High Flow setting and allow the pump to fully prime by running for around 3 minutes. You will know the pump is primed when you can see a strong flow of water through the clear leaf basket lid.

  2. When all air is expelled from the leaf basket, connect the pool cleaner hose firmly into the skimmer plate or dedicated wall suction.

  3. The cleaner should only be connected for as long as is required to clean the surface of your pool. When cleaning is complete, disconnect the cleaner and remove the skimmer plate from the skimmer box.

  4. Reactivate the most efficient speed setting for daily filtration. The Low Flow setting is recommended.


NOTE: To get optimum energy efficiency from your PowerMaster® pump

DO NOT keep the automatic pool cleaner connected when cleaning is not required.