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Hayward  - Pool Cleaners

It’s important to clean your pool regularly-not just to enhance its appearance and sanitation level, but to protect the quality of your investment. For this reason, Hayward® has developed a complete line of automatic pool cleaners that provide greater energy efficiency with less effort. Our swimming pool automatic cleaners have been widely recognized for their ease of use, optimal cleaning performance, and superior efficiency.

Pre-programmed steering makes the Pool Vac Classic faster and more efficient than any random style pool cleaner. It moves in a predetermined series of right and left turns to systematically provide more thorough coverage of pools surfaces.

Save up to 94% on energy costs with TigerShark Robotic Cleaners. Our energy-efficient TigerShark uses less energy vs most pressure cleaners and has been selling worldwide for 40 years.

SharkVAC is the newest innovation to the TigerShark family of Robotic pool cleaners. Hayward SharkVAC incorporates two fine porosity filtration elements in a sleek floor-specific design.