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StarClear™ Plus Cartridge Filters


Product Description


StarClear™ Plus cartridge filters deliver added quality, value and convenience. From precision engineering to reinforced high-strength PermaGlassXL™ body construction, StarClear™ Plus filters work hard in the most demanding applications and environmental conditions, achieving maximum water flow and superior filtration with minimal maintenance required.






As the filter cartridge removes dirt from the pool water, the accumulated dirt causes a resistance to flow. As a result, the gauge pressure will rise and the flow will decrease. When the pressure rises 7-10 psi (.49- .70 Bar) above the starting pressure, or when flow decreases below desired rate, clean or replace the filter cartridge.




The cartridge filter element can be cleaned by washing inside and out with a garden hose. (The cartridge is easier to clean when dry.)


After hosing the cartridge, for best results, allow cartridge to dry and carefully brush pleated surface areas to remove fine particles. Do not pressure wash, as it can damage the filter element.


Algae, suntan oil and body oils can form a coating on the cartridge pleats which may not be thoroughly removed by hosing. To remove such materials, soak the cartridge in a solution of filter element cleaner (various brands available at pool dealer).


Follow manufacturer's directions for use and allow an hour for soaking. Hose thoroughly before reinstalling in filter. 




Vacuuming can be performed directly into the filter whenever needed. Clean cartridge after vacuuming, if required. 




  1. Shut off the pump.

  2. If filter is located below water level, close valves or block off suction & discharge lines to prevent backflow of water from the pool.

  3. Remove drain plug and allow water to drain from filter. Close drain plug. (To assist draining process; open air vent a few turns.) 

  4. Unscrew and remove locking knob (counterclockwise direction) and carefully lift off top cover to gain access to filter cartridge.

  5. Lift out cartridge and clean. Or, replace with clean, spare cartridge. (See Cleaning Cartridge.)



  1. Clean any collected debris from the bottom of filter body.

  2. Carefully replace cartridge element over tie rod and into filter body ensuring that the cartridge sits evenly on the collector hub in bottom of filter body.

  3. Place cover on filter body (being sure filter head 0-ring is in place and clean). Fit tie rod end through center hole.

  4. Tighten locking knob in clockwise direction. (Hand tight only.)

  5. Proceed as in STARTING THE FILTER. 






  1. Check skimmer and pump strainer baskets for debris. 

  2. Check for restrictions in intake and discharge lines.

  3. Check for air leak in intake line (indicated by bubbles returning to pool).

  4. Clean Filter Cartridges (see Page 5*)




1. Check for algae in pool and treat as required.

2. Be sure chlorine and pH levels are in proper range (adjust as required).




  1. Check chlorine, pH and total alkalinity levels and adjust as required.

  2. Be sure flow rate through filter is sufficient.

  3. Operate filter for longer periods.


*See the StarClear Plus Owners Manual