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EnviroSwim ES3



Enviroswim blitzes all comers in the efficacy stakes. The patented system combines ionising electrodes with ultrasonics to annihilate bacteria, fungi, and viruses. So different to outmoded chlorine which, incredibly, release a mist of poisonous chlorine bubbles into your swimming pool to eventually kill bacteria. The result for Enviroswim pool owners is an invigorating, freshwater swimming experience in sparkling clean water.


Enviroswim's far superior efficacy also means less running time for your filter, with less power consumed and less wear and tear on your pump. Plus you're not forking out for a shedload of chemicals every other week. So you start saving from day one.

Enviroswim ES3 wall-mounted control unit. Supplied with  two flow cell, electrodes (2), ultrasonic system, electronic oxidising system, copper test kit, installation and operating instructions.


It looks simple because it has been designed to be as easy to operate as possible.

But the Enviroswim E3 is the world’s most innovative and efficient water sanitation system and it is truly eco-friendly.


Simply by installing the system in your pool, not only are you delivering a host of benefits to your family and friends, you’ll be doing something really positive for the environment.


  • Wall mounted control unit

  • Flow Cell (connects to pvc pipe on return line)

  • ES3 copper/silver electrode x 2

  • Ultrasonic system

  • Electronic oxidising system

  • Test Kit

  • Installation Instructions

  • Operating Instructions

  • 2 Year Warranty



The best results with the Enviroswim system are obtained by following a few simple rules:

  • Do not use stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid)

  • Do not use bromine compounds

  • Do not use aluminium based or any other


  • Do not use Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)

  • Do not use Granular Chlorine. The use of

    Granular Chlorine (Calcium Hypochlorite) may cause black staining of the pool rendering if it is added undiluted to a pool treated by an Enviroswim System. Use only unstablised liquid chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) or OxyShock (non chlorine Oxidiser).

  • Do not throw un-dissolved chemicals into the pool.

  • Clean the pool filter regularly. 


Adjusting Copper/Silver Levels


The desired copper range is between 0.2 to 0.5 ppm. The Enviroswim system works best at these levels. To increase copper levels, increase the run time and/or ionizer output of the Enviroswim system. To reduce copper levels, turn down the ionizer output of the Enviroswim system. As a guideline, to reduce copper levels from 0.7 to 0.4 ppm, the Enviroswim ionizer system can be left off for 7-10 days, dependent on weather and bathing loads. Levels are easily checked by means of the supplied copper test kits (reorder from Enviroswim). Always ensure pH is balanced before testing copper levels in order to avoid getting a false reading.


It is very important that copper levels are not allowed to exceed 0.5 ppm for extended periods, as copper staining may appear. Prolonged high copper and/or high pH levels will lead to the copper coming out of suspension, and may produce a very light blue stain on the mortar of pebble pools. This effect is not harmful to swimmers or the pool, and if desired can be removed with some effort. Pool owners that have let this happen find the blue tint actually enhances the pool water’s appearance.


If the copper level rises above 0.5 ppm, turn down the Enviroswim ionizer unit and dilute the pool with fresh water to reduce the copper level to 0.4 ppm. Unlike chlorine, copper/silver are extremely stable in water making the level very easy to maintain.



Enviroswim will not be held responsible for damage caused by excessive copper levels.

NOTE: If you take a water sample to a pool shop for a copper test, you may get a false reading if the pool pH has been high during the 24-hour period prior to the sample being taken from your pool. Some types of testing equipment can also give a false reading due to the silver content in the sample. We strongly advise that you use the test kit and instructions provided with the Enviroswim system to avoid misleading results that can cause high copper levels and excessive wear of the copper/silver anodes.

When using the supplied test kit ensure that you look down the test tube when comparing to the colour chart. The colour is best read in the shade.



Problem - Blown fuse


Possible Cause

  • Undiluted chemicals added to pool or skimmer basket

  • Short circuit on oxidizer plates

  • Internal electrical fault


The Fix

  • Turn off power to control box. Replace fuse and allow clean water to circulate through the system before switching on.

  • Check for any short circuit and clear

  • Contact Enviroswim if problem continues


Problem - Copper level too low


Possible Cause

  • Low conductivity

  • Excessive makeup water added due to leak

    in pool or equipment

  • Build up of scale on copper/silver electrodes

  • Electrodes worn away

  • Pool system not running long enough

  • pH not within 7.1 to 7.5 range for at least 12 hours before using copper test kit.


The Fix

  • Refer to operating instructions

  • Repair leak

  • Clean rods and ensure that the chemical balance of pool water is correct

  • Replace with new electrodes

  • Refer to operating instructions

  • Stabilise pH at correct levels.


Problem - Excessive scale build up on plates in oxidation chamber 


Possible Cause

  • pH to high.

  • High calcium content

    (water hardness) in

    pool water.

  • Langlier saturation

    index at a scale forming level. 


The Fix

  • Reduce pH. Refer section 1.1.2. Maintaining correct pH should allow mild scale build up to dissipate.

  • For severe scale build up refer to section 4.1.4 Plate Cleaning.

  • Check Langlier Saturation Index – should be slightly negative – refer to 5.1 below. 


Problem - Flashing Oxidiser Production Digital Display 


The Cause

  • Pb 


The Fix

This will be a flashing display that indicates that the system is not applying current to the oxidiser plates due to any of

  • Air in the system

  • Insufficient water flow

  • Calcium build up on


  • Calcium build up on

    water sensor.

  • The wire to the water

    sensor is loose. 


Problem - Flashing Oxidiser Production Digital Display 


The Cause

  • OL


The Fix

This will be a flashing display that indicates that current is no longer being applied to the oxidiser plates. This is done to protect the Enviroswim unit due to excessive current draw that may be caused by

  • Excessive TDS (greater than 3000ppm)

  • Undiluted chemicals added to skimmer

  • Short circuit across the oxidiser connections or plates.

  • Short circuit across the Ioniser connections or electrodes

  • Short to ground on any of the control unit outputs 


Problem - Control Unit Overheating 


The Cause

  • TP


The Fix

Indicates an undesirably high operating temperature for the control unit. The unit will shutdown to prevent damage most likely caused by:

  • Excessively low TDS

  • Air-flow vents on the

    underside of the unit are


  • Excessive ambient



Problem - Control unit resets 


The Cause

  • Short to earth on controller outputs 


The Fix

  • Remove all output connections and the resetting should stop. Check for and rectify any shorts to earth on the output leads/wet end components. 


Problem - Cloudy Water 


The Cause

  • Insufficient run time

  • Poor water balance

  • High Bather load 


The Fix

  • Adjust runtime. Call or email Enviroswim to consult.

  • Correct water balance (pH, alkalinity, Calcium Hardness)

  • Shock with Oxyshock or liquid chlorine. 


Problem - Algae in Pool 


The Cause

  • Low copper levels

  • Phosphates (fertiliser in pool 


The Fix

  • Test for copper using test kit. Run ES-3 for required time to achieve the required copper levels.

  • Test for phosphates. Use phosphate remover (remember to turn off ES3 cell power if adding to skimmer basket). Phosphates and Algae will both consume the copper. It is important to restore the copper levels by running the ES3 continuously. After a few days Algae should clear. Should you wish to clear faster shock dose with chlorine. Avoid the use of Algaecide.

  • Remember when treating to maintain pH levels between 7.2 and 7.4.