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Contract & Deposit


You've signed the Contract and paid the Deposit (the 1st Progress Payment). This gets the whole ball rolling.

Engineering & Council Approvals


Plans for your pool are done and sent to our Engineer and Private Certifier for all the neccessary approvals needed for your project which takes between 5 - 10 working days.

Pool Excavation - USUAL TIME TO COMPLETE – 1 DAY 


Completion of excavation and pool delivery -60% 


7.00am Arrival on job site. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BE PRESENT AT THIS TIME. You will be required to complete a pool installation sheet. This document confirms the final positioning of the pool, pump and all accessories along with the datum (height) of the pool. Once this is complete our install team can then commence the excavation of the site. Once the excavation has been completed the pool will then be craned into position. (In some cases where the pool is large this process can carry over into the following day, but the majority of pools will be completed on day one).


During the day the Fibreglass shell is delivered to site.


Stage 1 Progress Payment is now due. 

Shell Installation USUAL TIME TO COMPLETE – 1-2 DAYS


Completion of installation of pool shell and flitration- 20%


Backfilling and plumbing commenced and completed. The end of the day should see the pool full of water with the pool ready for the bond beam (which the coping is laid on) to be commenced. (Once again, this process can take up to two days for large pools) 


Stage 2 Progress Payment is now due. 

FAQ - The Construction Process - Fibreglass Pools

Coping (Pavers) - USUAL TIME TO COMPLETE – 1-2 DAYS


Completion of coping - 10-15% (depending on deposit)

The concrete bond beam and coping is completed on this day. 


Stage 3 Progress Payment is now due. 

Practical Completion & Handover - USUAL TIME TO COMPLETE – 1 DAY


Practical Completion Stage - 5%


At this stage all money is to be paid up. We require you to have a final look over the pool. We then require you to email us and confirm that you are happy with the practical completion of the pool or to detail what your specific concerns are that may need to be remedied. 


Stage 4 Payment is now due. 


Handover is then done by doing adding the needed chemicals and giving the client a run through your equipment & how to use and general pool care.


Our handover man will explain pool operation, equipment and maintenance during this final visit. A handover report sheet is also completed.


The pump and filter will need to be run for the next 24 hours continuously and you will need to conduct cleaning of the filters after this period. The pool will need to be vacuumed again under instructions by Handover man, but Factory Pools will leave the pool clean and chemically balanced.


NOTE: When installing swimming pools there can be a number of unforeseen issues that can prolong the five step process. We have listed some that have become an issue in the past. Rain, public holidays, weather, paving, paver delivery, pool, pool freight, excavation delays, equipment breakdowns, employee’s sick days, crane hire, underground pipes, etc. 


Stage 2

Stage 1


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4